Legislators challenged on Corbett’s education cuts

Five state legislators came face-to-face Monday with the growing discontent surrounding Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed $27.3 billion budget that includes drastic cuts to public and state higher education.

State Reps. Neal P. Goodman, D-123, Jerry Knowles, R-124. and Mike Tobash, R-125, and state Sens. Dave Argall, R-29, and Jeffrey Piccola, R-15, were the keynote speakers at Schuylkill Intermediate Unit 29’s annual convention held at its Maple Avenue campus. Piccola is chairman of the senate education committee.

After each legislator gave opening remarks, all of whom sent a message that 2011 presents “challenging” economic times, local school district administrators and school board members took them to task, questioning if the legislators support Corbett’s proposed voucher plan and the current inability of districts to furlough teachers due to economic reasons, among other issues.
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