Yes, Kindergarten Might not Happen Next Year in Harrisburg

Harrisburg School District might not offer kindergarten next year. We’re not talking about going from full-day to half-day, we’re talking about no kindergarten at all.

There’s been plenty of finger-pointing about education funding lately, but for me, this entire debate comes back to this: There’s a plausible scenario where a school district in this state is not going to be able to offer kindergarten next year. If that happens, shame on Gov. Tom Corbett and state lawmakers.

Almost all the research done on educational success in America comes to the conclusion that early childhood education is critical. Children in lower-income families are typically not exposed to as many vocabulary words or other educational stimuli.
Preschool and kindergarten are the only chance that kids from poor backgrounds have to possibly catch up to their better-off peers.

Click here to read the full article by Heather Long published in The Patriot News (May 12,2012)

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