For now, charter approval isn’t a Pennsylvania GOP priority

HARRISBURG — Republican legislative leaders have agreed to set aside a controversial measure that would make it easier for charter schools to form, instead focusing on other regulatory changes this week in final votes before the election.

Proponents of charter schools want to allow the authorization of new schools by a statewide board, rather than requiring the approval of local school districts.

In June, discord over a statewide authorizer was among the charter-related disagreements that pushed state budget negotiations to the deadline. Days after the budget’s signing — without changes to charter regulation — Gov. Tom Corbett said of the charter reforms that negotiators had been “within a sentence of getting it done.”

Legislative leaders and the governor’s office now have agreed to set aside the statewide authorizer for future consideration and aim to push through an agreement on other regulatory changes, said Erik Arneson, a spokesman for Senate Republicans.

Click here to read the full article by Karen Langley published in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (October 15, 2012)

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