(April 21) Inquirer Editorial: For schools, money matters

POSTED: April 20, 2014

The drama created by the Philadelphia School District’s attempt to force new work rules on the teachers’ union doesn’t mean the inequitable funding that hamstrings schools across Pennsylvania is any less of a problem.

In fact, there’s a good case for making school funding the top issue in this year’s governor’s race. Voters should place the fiscal shape of local schools in context with Gov. Corbett’s business tax breaks, which have yet to be matched by job creation.

For nearly two decades, there was little rhyme or reason in the way state education dollars were doled out. But in 2006, the General Assembly authorized a Costing-Out Study to determine how much each school district would need to meet uniform academic standards. That led to the passage of Act 61, which included a formula for adequately funding each district.

Full story: Inquirer Editorial: For schools, money matters Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/20/14

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