(July 21) Corbett seeks to change view of education record

By MARC LEVY, Associated Press
Jul. 19, 2014 12:21 PM ET

(AP) — Since 2011, Pennsylvania Democrats have pointed to the budget-balancing cuts in education aid that GOP Gov. Tom Corbett signed six months into office. And there’s evidence voters are listening: A recent independent voter poll found that the single biggest factor behind voter disapproval of Corbett’s job performance is his record on education.

Corbett may finally have found an effective strategy to counter that attack.

He is pounding the Republican-controlled Legislature for not acting on legislation to rein in a $50 billion pension debt that, he argues, is driving up property taxes, hurting families and squeezing out money for classrooms. He is also doing something he arguably has not done before on any issue: making the case in near-daily public events across the state, with plans to continue doing so for the rest of the summer.

It is not foolproof. He lacks a surefire way to deliver relief to school district budgets in a form that lawmakers will embrace. And he is doing it with less than four months until the Nov. 4 election, a limited time frame in which to turn around awful polling numbers in his race against Democrat Tom Wolf.

Full story: Corbett seeks to change view of education record By Marc Levy , Associated Press, 7/19/14

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