(Jul 15) Lesson learned?: Public outrage likely forced a faster state budget

By the Editorial Board
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If the comparatively swift delivery of a budget is any sign, state lawmakers and Gov. Tom Wolf heard loud and clear the public’s dissatisfaction with the previous year’s gridlock. If they have some momentum going now, they should use it to press forward on other important issues.

The standoff over the 2015-2016 budget dragged on for months, imperiling the social service agencies and public schools that rely on public funding. The debacle showcased the new governor’s political inexperience and limited negotiating skills. Public anger likely resulted in quicker action this time around. A spending plan without a revenue package became law without Mr. Wolf’s signature Tuesday, 12 days into the fiscal year. The Legislature passed the revenue component Wednesday, and Mr. Wolf has pledged to sign it.

Full story: Lesson learned?: Public outrage likely forced a faster state budget, by the Editorial Board, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 07/15/16

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