Celebrate Success

Celebrate Success

Pennsylvania’s students have made impressive progress during the last eight years.

  • Thousands more students across Pennsylvania and in your district are reading, writing and doing math on grade level and beyond.
  • New opportunities for learning and achievement abound from high quality pre-kindergarten for our youngest learners to dual enrollment in college courses for high school students.
  • Thousands of students have benefited from intensive tutoring and other supports.
  • Students and teachers across the state are excited and energized about learning by access to new technology

This remarkable progress is due to the hard work of teachers and leaders in our schools, parents, supportive community organizations, and classroom supports provided in part by the substantial increase in state funding to education over the last eight years.

The Governor and the General Assembly have worked together to invest more than $3 billion in new basic education funds since 2003 – a 41.3% increase. Schools have spent this increased investment carefully and wisely on programs and initiatives proven to raise achievement in the classroom and this has resulted in the tremendous progress of our students.

Our legislators in particular made a heroic commitment to continued investment in the education of our children even during the worst recession in recent history while almost every other state was cutting back.

It’s time to celebrate our accomplishments and make sure that everyone – students, school board members, parents, teachers, legislators and taxpayers – knows the good news of our students’ progress.

We want to help you tell this exciting story. On this website, you will find a variety of tools and resources to help you do just that: tell the story of your students’ academic progress and express your appreciation to the legislators, taxpayers and citizens of Pennsylvania who make it possible with their continued financial commitment and support.

Celebrate Success Resources

There are a collection of resources to help your district tell your story and celebrate!

1. Student Achievement and State Funding information with School District specific data including information about:

  • Percentage increase in Student achievement from 2002-2010
    • Increase in prof/advanced for reading and math
    • Decrease in Below Basic
  • Increase in State investments from 2002-2010
  • How the money was spent

(District specific templates will be e-mailed to district superintendents.)

2. School District Template “personalization” guide (MS Word File | PDF) with guidelines on how to include even more district specific data in your template.

3. Sample “Thank you legislators” Board Resolution (MS Word File | PDF)

4. Sample Open letter to local legislators
(MS Word File | PDF)

5. Sample Op Ed for local newspaper
(MS Word File | PDF)

6. Sample Power Point presentation
of district achievement and funding to share with:
(MS PowerPoint | PDF)

  • School board members
  • PTA/PTO members
  • Teachers
  • Business community
  • Post on the district website

7. Mini tool kit for your CelebrateSuccess! event
(Click here to access the Mini Tool Kit)

  • Sample invitation to legislators (who voted yes on the budget)
  • Sample Media Advisory
  • Sample Press release

8. Contact Us:

These documents are tools containing sample information. Feel free to adapt them as you wish to fit your district’s event or messages!

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