Mini tool kit for CelebrateSuccess! event

One way to CelebrateSuccess! Is to have a party!  Consider holding an event to celebrate your achievements and tell your story to parents, teachers, legislators, the press and your community in a festive atmosphere. Use the achievement and state funding data unique to your school district.

School communities already have lots of existing opportunities to CelebrateSuccess! For example:

  • A school assembly
  • A reception before or after a regular board meeting
  • A reception before or after a regular PTA/PTO meeting
  • A halftime ceremony at a sports event
  • Keystone awards event
  • A special CelebrateSuccess!event –
    • Breakfast with the PSSA stars with awards for most improved, classes with highest percentage of advanced students etc.
    • Thank the taxpayers event
    • Pep rally for student success

At any of these events, you could invite your local legislators to take part, make a presentation to high achieving students or classes, give a leadership award to a legislator etc.
You get more bang for your buck if you invite your local media:

  • Identify local media outlets
  • Send a media advisory before the event (see CelebrateSuccess! sample media advisory)
  • Prepare a press release to hand out at the event and send out after (see CelebrateSuccess! sample press release)
  • Put press release and photos of the event on your website and in your parents’ newsletter

Here are the tools in your Mini toolkit for a CelebrateSuccess! event:


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